The treatment Oriane delivers includes a mix of therapeutic modalities, working together in symbiosis to achieve optimum healing. Your therapy session may include a full body remedial massage using essential oils if desired, or focus on specific areas of pain that need special attention using several techniques such as cupping, hot stones and/or deep tissue massage; and/or offer some Emotional release/counselling/Energy Balancing work where minimal touch and more verbal/cognitive approach might be involved. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs- Oriane uses her intuition and deep knowledge of the Mind andbody to deliver the best care possible.

Energy Balancing

This is a modality where Oriane taps into different energy systems of the body and guides them towards clearing energy, emotional and spiritual blocks, rebalancing the chakras and releasing traumas and old patterns of being.  Using various approaches she will help you recover balance, lightness and harmony by removing subtle blocks- this will allow you to let go of what is no longer necessary and strengthen what is already working. This is a subtle yet powerful tool for holistic wellbeing.


Relaxation is a gentle massage, however can work on a deeper level to achieve an effective state of relaxation. It can improve circulation, fluid flow, stimulate energy levels, reduce muscular tensions. It can also decrease mental and emotional stress, help to facilitate sleep and balance the mind, spirit and body to create a general sense of well being.


Originating in China, cupping uses tailor made-glass cups which get vacuum sealed safely to the skin, drawing the skin into the cup. Blood also gets drawn into the area, loosening the muscles from within, and bringing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles necessary to regenerate and revive sore muscles, along with assisting elimination of bodily waste and toxins.

Deep Tissue & Sports

A firm and vigorous massage consisting of specific strokes and pressures to treat sports and lifestyle aches, pain and injuries. Deep tissue can be avery effective and an efficient way to treat pain.

Trigger Point, PNF Stretching & MND technics

Trigger Point Therapy uses sustained applied pressure of the fingers or thumbs to specific points throughout the body which may be causing you restrictions of movement or pain.  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) technique uses a range of various particular stretches to eliminate trigger points and restrictions in tissue. MND (myofascial neuro dynamic) technics help with releasing blocked and trapped nerves due to muscles and myofascial notes and tensions.


A massage focusing on common areas of strain and avoiding the forbidden acupressure points, to relieve the common side effects of pregnancy-related problems such as back and hip pain, headaches and oedema. The use of a special pregnancy Belly pillow on side-lying positions are available for ultimate comfort and support.


Craniosacral or CST involves a range of gentle therapeutic hands-on positions mainly around the cranium and spine.  It works on the spinal fluid rhythm to optimise the natural movement of the bones in the cranium, spine and hips to treat a range of conditions such as: headaches, jaw, shoulder, back, hip and neck pain, along with emotional, mental and psychological issues.

Myofacsial Release

Myofacial Release or MFR is a gentle technique using light stretches of the fascia to treat and remove restrictions within the connective tissue (fascia), alleviating pain and discomfort. It allows the body to recover it's optimum alignment.


All of the products used during massage are high grade and top quality. For Example:

  • Water-dispersible H2O based oil
  • 'Roseneath Organics' plant based balms and sprays
  • 'Mglife' magnesium oil
  • 'Young Living' and 'Doterra' high therapeutic grade essential oils (some of the purest on the market and extremely safe on skin)

Oriane sells and uses in her massage room essential oils. She also stocks the other high quality products that she uses during treatment. If you wish to purchase young living or Doterra essential oils, Roseneath products or Mglife magnesium spray, heat bags, or massage balls, you can do so at your massage appointment. If Oriane happens to be out of stock of a particular product, she is happy to place an order for you to collect at your next appointment.