RevolutionTherapies is a Massage Therapy and Energy Healing clinic that focuses on health, holistic healing and overall wellbeing.  The clinic is run by Oriane El Jammal, an experienced massage therapist and healer who maintains her own health and wellbeing so that she can better deliver it to others.  Oriane believes that in the same way we regularly service our car- our body, mind and soul also need regular attention and care to enhance our quality of life and ensure an optimum level of functionality and comfort.

Massage is a vital part of maintaining physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balance and harmony.  It will improve our range of motion, posture, flexibility and overall well being. It can unlock energy blocks and help us find internal peace whilst discovering or reconnecting with our inner richness and authentic potential.

Take some time for yourself and resume stability, balance and harmony in your life!


Eases aches, pain & tension in muscles, improves joint mobility, posture and ease of movement

Enhances and boosts fluids circulation, immune system, vitality and soft tissue recovery

Reduces fatigue and anxiety, and relieves stress which may be causing illness within the body

Stimulates mental alertness, facilitates better sleep quality and calms an agitated mind

Enhances energy and increases motivation to maintain physical health and wellbeing

For details of the different methods and skills used to tailor your individual unique session, see the 'Therapies and Products' page.


Oriane El Jammal is a therapist from France who has been practicing massage since 2004. Trained in Thai, Tibetan, Californian & Relaxation massage, Therapeutic Touch and Psychomotor Therapy, she has transferred her qualifications & pursed further training to acquire her Australian Remedial Massage Therapist Diploma at Natural Health Academy in Adelaide. 

With a caring and intuitive approach to your unique health recovery journey, Oriane uses a wide range of methods to assist and encourage the natural healing function of your body and maintain optimum balance, life flow and vitality. She blends her extensive skills to tailor remedial therapeutic treatments to each individual’s needs and medical conditions; including physical, psychological, spiritual, energetic and emotional. 

Oriane is passionate about alternative therapies, well being and healthy lifestyle to promote balance, harmony, ease of movement, low pain level, joy and serenity. In her treatment she considers every aspect of the being and aim to bring some relieve and comfort back into the body, and therefore the mind. She came across various methods and technic in Paris, Bangkok, and Australia and is always seeking to discover and learn more about the fascinating way the body and mind works, and to integrate the new skills into her treatments to provide a unique experience to the clients and for them to discover their true potential and true worth.